Blueprint Overview

ApiGear comes with a collection of SDK blueprints which allows our users to create code interfaces but also complete SDKs from the API Modules.

A blueprint is a transformation of a group of API modules into source code for your software project.

All Blueprint SDKs can scale with your project by adding more API modules. A command line tool will support you with merging the updated SDK code.

These blueprints can be configured by enabling and disabling certain features. Also SDKs are build on top of certain ObjectAPI profiles, which enable or disable certain language features. A user will get a warning when an API uses features not available in the configured language profile.

An SDK will come with all build and test related dependencies and ready to use for your project. The SDK scales with your requirements by adding more API modules which are automatically added to the build infrastructure and tests.

ApiGear offers currently several SDKs for major programming languages and technologies and more will come over time.