ApiGear enables software construction using an API driven process in a collaborative manner. This allows you to drive efficiency, consistency and discipline across your API driven teams.

What is a Team Space?

All work in ApiGear happens inside a team. A team in ApiGear is used to group API projects across your organization to promote visibility, standards and reuse. Typically, there exists a team for your whole organization but you can also create several teams based on your team structure or functions.

A default team space is already created for you when you register. This is your personal team space for your personal API Projects. You can also use it for your organization or you can create an own dedicated team space for your organization.

Create a new team space

  • Open ApiGear and login.
  • On your dashboard click on Create Team and fill in the team space form.
  • Ideally, the name of your team space should be your organization name. The resulting url will be<team>/
  • You will be automatically directed to the new team.
  • By default your are the new owner of the new team and can invite new members.
  • You can change the members, name, owner and other options in the team settings.

Next add projects to your newly create team.