Inside a team the most important concept are Projects. Projects are a collection of API modules, documentation and other artifacts you want to keep together.

What is a Project

A project in ApiGear is used to group API Modules inside your team. A project typically contains a set of API modules to describe the different aspects of your API. A project can be public or private. If a project is private it is only visible and editable by team members. If a project is public it is visible by everyone but can only be edited by your team members. Additional to API Modules a project can contain markdown documents and other artifacts to enhance the documentation experience.

Create a new project

  • Open ApiGear and login.
  • Select the team you want to add the project to
  • Inside the team space click Create Project and fill in the project form.
  • A project name should be short and precise to cover the project intention.
  • Decide careful if the project shall be public or private.
  • The project url will be https://app.apigear/<team>/<project>/.
  • You will be automatically directed to the new project.
  • Now you can start creating API modules, markdown documents and other artifacts to the project.
  • You can change the name, project visibility and other options in the project settings.

Next add an API Module to your newly create project.