Invite Members

Design, create, document, test and governance are essential tasks belonging to a API driven managed project. To create a great API it requires all information from all stakeholders coming together using the same platform and same modern tooling. Knowledge silos will lead to inconsistency and friction.

ApiGear was developed with a modern API workflow in mind. It gives your team the tools to work on a single platform and ensures that every stakeholder has the most up-to-date information and modern tools they need to do their job effectively.

Invite Members to your Team

You can make anyone a member of your team using their ApiGear username.

  • Ask the user you want to add for their ApiGear username
  • In the team settings select members
  • Add one or more usernames in the user field
  • Each user will receive an invitation to your team.
  • A user is automatically given access to all projects from the team when accepting the invitation
When you work on the paid edition of ApiGear you will get a notice about the additional required monthly subscription fees.