ApiGear is a team based collaborative tool which provides a new and unique digital workflow for software construction with integrated API analytics.

We enable teams to develop software driven products without friction by providing a workflow around machine readable APIs and enhanced device analytics. Dev cycle light Dev cycle dark

ObjectAPI Specification by ApiGear is a new interface language similar to OpenAPI but models objects and their communication as a machine readable API specification. ObjectAPI is influenced by real world object communication inspired by different programming languages, small and large scale software projects.


Design clean object APIs, consistently across the teams
Develop API driven software efficiently using our SDK blueprints and simulations
Create an interactive developer experience for internal and external stakeholders
Collaborate as a team around APIs and the all stakeholders can participate
Establish a governance to foster reuse, consistency and quality across your teams.
Provide visibility into the life software status by tracking API status
Make data driven decisions based on API traffic analytics